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VikingScan - Portscan your IP for Free!

If you want to try then visit the page where you kan scan your own IP - the one you are connecting from now: http://miniscan.vikingscan.org - has both IPv4 and IPv6 address, your browser will select either one or the other. http://miniscan4.vikingscan.org - if you specifically want to scan your IPv4 address http://miniscan6.vikingscan.org - and the same for IPv6 It is expected that this service will be expanded into scanning arbitrary addresses and this version is being developed. The purpose of this service is to give free access to basic port scans - easy to get a free portscan. There might be links to services which require payment, but basic portscanning ~everything which Nmap supports will hopefully be kept free. The following script uses cURL to request a scan, intended use is for servers - where you don't have a browser or want to request remote scan :-) #! /bin/sh # call http://miniscan.vikingscan.org with parameters to start scanning MAIL=hlk@security6.net TYPE=2 # these are not fixed, they may be changed in the future, sorry # 1 tcp-syn # 2 tcp-default # 3 tcp-connect PORTLIST=1-1999 ADVANCED=on SCRIPT=on SCANHOST=miniscan4.vikingscan.org # miniscan4 is IPv4, miniscan6 is IPv6 curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -o output1.html \ http://$SCANHOST/MiniScan-0.2/miniscan/create curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -o output1.html \ -d "type.id=$TYPE&email=$MAIL&accept=on&portlist=$PORTLIST&advanced_scan=$ADVANCED&script_scan=$SCRIPT" \ http://$SCANHOST/MiniScan-0.2/miniscan/save


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